City To Saddle Charter Member Program

Extending its mission nationwide, City To Saddle launched the “Charter Member Program” to help other likeminded groups and generous individuals create horsemanship opportunities for under-served children in their hometowns. City To Saddle backs these grass roots initiatives – providing resources, materials, and the “know-how” for establishing and running successful programs.


An expanded City To Saddle composed of organized affiliations will open many more barn doors for deserving boys and girls throughout the nation.

Benefit to Charter Members

Charter members affiliate and collaborate with City To Saddle Inc., and its other charter members nationwide.

Association enables charter members to register and fundraise as a tax-exempt charitable 501(C)3 non-profit under the City To Saddle umbrella organization, without filing and registering for separate non-profit status with the IRS and State Government.

Membership privileges include use of the City To Saddle brand name and logo, City To Saddle website, and formatted marketing materials.

Charter members receive administrative forms, templates, and programming tools.

City To Saddle’s brand recognition and solid reputation bolsters affiliate fundraising efforts.

Charter Member Applications  are available online. For additional information, contact Dale Perkins, City To Saddle President and Board Member; Mesa Farm, Rutland, MA Charter Member.

Here’s what Glenda Faris, President of Appalachian Region City To Saddle, has to say about her experience in Tennessee!

Appalachian Region City To Saddle is a small stable in the mountains of NE Tennessee on the border of Virginia and North Carolina. We are a very rural area and we were under-privileged even before the economy took a nose dive, and someone told us we were poor.

As I look back over the last four years, I have to say “It’s been fun.” We have no large corporate sponsors, no financial backing, heck, we have no budget. We have no large overhead either. My volunteers have been with me from day one, and without them we could not operate. The horses we use belong to me and I am doing what I would be doing anyway.

I was asked the other day: “Why do you do this? What’s in it for you? You’re not making any money!”

Well, my friend, our Mission Statement answers that question…providing a diverse population of under-served children access to the life-enhancing benefits of horsemanship programs.

The awe on a child’s face when touching the velvet softness of the horse’s muzzle for the first time. That moment when it finally clicks, and you know this fledgling rider realizes what you are talking about, proudly walking forward on your kind and beautiful pony. That feeling in your heart when you know you made a difference. That’s what’s in it for me.

Thank you City To Saddle for making it happen!

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